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Vintage Items

Vintage Items | Memory Lane Antiques and Collectables - Tallahassee, FL

You step back into the past when you step into our store. We carry high end vintage items such as art pieces, toys, furniture, and housewares, as well as memorabilia from your childhood. Pottery, vases, glassware, ashtrays—Memory Lane Antiques & Collectables has vintage items that every generation will remember. Evoke memories of the past; whether it's your own or your parents' generation; these vintage items will take you back to a bygone era before smart phones and Wi-Fi.

Put together the year's most memorable, glittering, New Year's Eve Party outfit, glamorous garden party ensemble, or funky Halloween costume with vintage dresses, shoes, hats, and accessories. Everything old will be new again. It's hip to be retro. Find a jazzy flapper dress, something from World War II, or a Mad Men-era hat. Maybe you'll find some psychedelic remnant of the sixties. Whatever decade you want to remember, Memory Lane Antiques will help bring it back for you.

Whether you are a fan of Downton Abbey, Leave it to Beaver, or I Dream of Jeannie, Memory Lane Antiques will put you on your own memory lane, whether it's of the distant past or recent history.

Call us today and let us help you find those perfect vintage items. Our prices are always reasonable, and the quality is always extraordinary. The inventory changes all the time, so visit us regularly to explore what new treasures we've found this month. Come by our Tallahassee store or call us for details about the vintage items in stock right now.

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