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Quality Antiques

Quality Antiques | Memory Lane Antiques and Collectables - Tallahassee, FL

We love old things. They are a part of our history, and connect us to our past. That's why antiques hold a special place in our hearts. The slightly tarnished, aged patina of a pewter bowl bonds us to our grandparents' era. Discover the feeling of stepping back in time as you walk through Memory Lane Antiques and Collectables.

Memory Lane Antiques and Collectables carries three centuries’ worth of quality antiques. From Art Deco to Art Nouveau, from Victorian to Midcentury Modern, you can discover a gem from the golden eras of the past at Memory Lane. We carry high quality antique furniture: from Victorian sofas to 19th century rocking chairs, to desks, cabinets, wardrobes, and dry sinks.

Antiques display sophistication and a sense of style. Whether you are a veteran antiquer or you simply like looking at lovely things, you will be delighted simply wandering through our displays, admiring the stunning and delicate works of art.

Once you have picked out an elegant antique table, look around through our antique artwork for something to place on it. Whether it's a bronze statuette, a glass lamp, pottery, jewelry, or metal ware, you are sure to find something to suit your style among Memory Lane's broad collection of quality antiques. Maybe you'll find the perfect set of china dishware for your next formal dinner. Our experienced sales staff will guide you through your purchase, and help you select quality antiques that are just right for you.

Come down to our showroom today to browse our gorgeous collection of amazing quality antiques. Or call us to let our expert staff answer your antique questions.

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